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Rated Battleground tactics for all maps!

Arathi Basin:
My 2nd favourite map, again normal AB rules apply if you have ever been in premades, try to cap 3 bases and hold. Fight on flags, interupt, 5 on each node, if they zerg, counter zerg etc etc Same as always good communication is the Key here.

Eye of the Storm:
Alot of teams will go for the 3 base tactic, I dont recommend this if you are playing against teams of equal standing or higher rating as you as you will be raped, hold 2 bases to begin with and go for flag, later on you can send little raiding partys to try to ninja other nodes and keep pressure on the other team, we normally have our guys inbetween our 2 nodes to make sure we dont get zerged and have short travelling times. Make sure that you only capture flag when you have total control of the middle too!

Found for me the train tactic works best, this means that you all capture the flag together as a team, and on way back to the base you all kill the flag carrier and other team whilst bring your own flag back, if you die make sure you rejoin the group fast. Other common tactics we might switch too is 2 defenders 2 attackers 6 hold middle tactic or Camp Grave yard tactic - ie you just kill the opposition over and over in the GY. You can use Ultra defense, which what we use against really high rated teams, if we cap the first flag we will literally defend and run out the time , its lame but effective.

Other 2 ten man Battle of Gilneas and Twin peaks are pretty much same as WSG and AB.

We have found that stacking healers has been the key, if 15vs15 we roll with at leasy 5-6 healers, if 10 then it will be 2-3 healers depending on the makeup of the dps.

Healers make awesome flag characters nowadays, actually prefer them to tanks or fast dps like Druid or shamans, but depends on the fight in hand, if you going for fast wins against low opposition sends your druids / shamans , if you know that its going to be a 50/50 heavey damage games then Healer or Tank is a must.
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Recilense, Feb 3, 11 9:57 AM.
The recruitment getting soonly closed.
look at the Recruitment and see what we need to fill the last spots in the guild!

Have an nice day!
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